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We have three lodgings located in Navalsaz

La Colmena is the ideal place to forge the stress and the pollution of the city and to rest some days in this ancestral area that belongs to the Reserve of the Biosphere.
From here you could do routes, walking, by bicycle or by car to know all the attractions that La Rioja offers us

It is located on the grown floor of the same building of La Colmena, in the same village of Navalsaz.

It is surrounded by a beautiful fine forest, 100 m far away from the village of Navalzaz, inside the Reserve of the Biosphere of La Rioja and it is energy self-sufficient and committed with the environment because it is provided with solar plates.


Ruta de las Icnitas
In the municipality term of Enciso there are cataloged 1,400 dinosaur footprints. It is the starting point for visiting the footprints, from the Paleontological Center. In the track from Enciso to Nav...
Alto Valle del Cidacos - Arnedillo
The High Valley Cidacos is in the town of Arnedillo, its finest expression. In this beautiful place we can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and world famous hot springs. The history, with its castle and ...
Castillo de Cornago
Once you arrive at Cornago the beauty of the assembly formed by the castle and the parish church surprise, but once in the village the reconstruction of homes and how is urbanized the interesting town...


Toro con soga
En Lodosa, 14 de septiembre
En el mes septiembre y durante las fiestas a la Virgen de las Angustias (tercer domingo del mes): Una vez por la mañana y otra por la tarde, un toro de gran porte recorre las calles de la localidad tr...
Día del Pimiento del Piquillo
En Lodosa, del 5 al 7 de octubre
En otoño, Lodosa dedica una fiesta a su producto más preciado: el oro rojo de la huerta, el pimiento del piquillo. Una jornada-homenaje en la que Lodosa se llena de puestos de alimentación, ofrece deg...
Jornadas del Cardo Rojo
En Corella, del 21 al 23 de diciembre
¿Y qué tiene de especial el de Corella? La respuesta es clara: su singular producción. Mientras los agricultores de otras localidades tapan los cardos con cartones, los corellanos se convierten en ve...



It is located six kilometers from Enciso, in the hill of a cliff in the valley of Cidaco that it is a territory that highlights touristically because of the different itineraries of the Route of the Dinosaurs. In the municipal term of Enciso there are 1.400 dinosaurs’ footprints catalogued. In the track from Enciso to Navalsaz there are 7 sites, and in some of them there are sculptures of real size of some dinosaurs. Besides, the biggest footprints of the area are located in Navalsaz, where there is also a theme park about the dinosaurs, called “The lost cliff (el barranco perdido)”. Pine forests, beech forests, holm oaks and cliffs build the natural environment of Navalsaz, what promote routes for walkers and the searching of mushrooms. Also the people go to listen and to see deer during the bellow. The typical houses are of stone, and there is a sink and two churches in the village.

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